main.png Coming soon in 2015. - Debrecen, Hungary 
Modern Agriculture Conference
Who will participate?

 Experts from more than 20 countries from Asia, Africa; and more than 20 countries from Europe; representatives from the whole CEE region;
 Agricultural scientists, researchers, specialists;
 Companies, research institutes, governmental authorities, think tanks;

Main benefits:

Exchange information on the latest results and innovation in agricultural sector;
 Discover the most innovative methods in agriculture, animal breeding and environment protection;
 Improve your knowledge in environment protection, sustainable soil fertility, irrigation development;
 Yield increasing, and desertification protection;
 Networking and Problem solving sessions with participants from more than 30 countries;

The main purposes of this conference are to present agricultural researches and new techniques in different disciplines in the branches of modern agriculture, to share experiences and to develop corresponding cooperation. Lectures are prepared by Hungarian, French, Romanian, German, Russian experts, scientists and professionals.